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Profit Center

Lord and Saunders Real Estate is far more than a traditional real estate company. We provide a comprehensive perspective to help you maximize your profit potential when buying or selling to help you Create your Profit Center.Let’s face it, renting is not going to create a profit center but property ownership can. While there are no guarantees, real estate ownership can be profitable. An article Posted by Financial Samurai entitled Real Estate: My Favorite Investment Asset Class To Build Wealth – states: “There’s a reason why every rich person you know owns multiple properties. There’s a reason why enormous fortunes have been made through real estate as well.”

We provide a comprehensive perspective to help you maximize your profit potential when buying or selling. This perspective when utilized properly maximizes the probability of profit. This approach is why our clients enjoy working with us. We look forward to meeting, educating and helping you to maximize your Real Estate Profit Center potential.

What is a Profit Center?

The Portable MBA Desk Reference by Paul A. Argenti defines “Profit Center as a separate unit within a company that is responsible for its own costs and revenues and thus profit. Profit Center managers are generally free to make their own decisions regarding key issues such as price, marketing and product position.”

Adapting Argenti’s definition to our field of real estate, we focus, in this illustration, on the same three items: price, marketing and product position. As a Seller, for example, we consistently strive to accomplish increasing price by, in some instances, changing the character of a property, when possible, at highly competitive costs that are consistent with its highest and best use. This maximizes your property value while minimizing expense. As a Buyer, understanding this dynamic, can help you realize greater profit possibilities. Changing the character of a property consistent with market demand enhances the marketability and product positioning, too. Our strategic Buying and Selling services can work together to help you Create a Real Estate Profit Center!

The Northern Virginia Market is perfect because it includes three of the top five wealthiest counties in the Nation. With the proximity to the United States Government, the Northern Virginia location provides the best real estate market to maximize your profit.

Create Your Profit Center

“Create Your Profit Center” is a term we adapted to describe the process of helping to maximize real estate profits for you.

We enjoy advising all of our buyers and sellers in a manner that will increase the likelihood of realizing real estate profits. We encourage each client, from first time home buyers to experienced professionals to harness the power of our Real Estate Profit Center Buying and Selling strategy to work for you to help you obtain your goals. When possible, to accomplish this we do so employing our Real Estate Sales experience and when necessary work with other highly talented service providers.

We provide all of our clients’ our real estate expertise to help them select the finest professional services including Architectural, General Contracting, Legal, Financing and Accounting when desired. These services are employed as desired to help turn your Northern Virginia real estate purchase or sale into a Real Estate Profit Center for you.

A Profit Center Illustration

The aforementioned Portable MBA Desk Reference by Paul A. Argenti describes in essence what we do for our clients in the following example “A perfume manufacture might position its product as the rarest and most exotic scent in the world. … Finally it would have to carry a high price tag, as befits a scent made of the rarest ingredients on earth. This product positioning would give the new perfume, “Black Orchid”, a cachet that its competitors could not easily match”.

When buying or selling Northern Virginia property with Lord and Saunders Real Estate, our sales team works to identify the distinct advantages that help separate you from the competition. Let us help you to Buy or Sell so as to position your property to realize its highest and best use. This is an elite category in the real estate market because we all know buyers pay a premium for beautiful, luxurious properties.

Please call 703-385-RICK (7425) to create Your Profit Center plan to help you maximize your Real Estate Profits today.