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Moving Mountains!

“Who can work with my husband who scrutinizes everything? Unless, and if, one does not have Patience as gold will just give up! Bless this couple who did a good job, done with Patience, persistence and honesty! They are GOD FEARING, and fine character, in the long run that wins!

We met Rick purchasing our first single family house; the day of closing my husband pulled out because of the marketplace change in interest rates. The Seller’s listing team was out of their wits.

My husband pulled out all right, but, Rick was able with the Seller’s permission to take my husband to another Lender that gave him the market rate my husband desired. Rick’s honesty, persistence and smooth character all the flare up subsided with a successful closing in a few days! No litigation!
This couple has been part of our family, like our children’s Aunt and Uncle ever since. We always seek their advice on real estate business! Thank You and GOD BLESS, YOU!

I Will 100 percent recommend them to friends.”

Christine Pletkova