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image002On this page of our website: The Title “Short Sales” is all inclusive, meaning you can search for every Short Sale For Sale including every Single Family Home or Town Home or Condominium Short Sale available For Sale in Northern Virginia. We organized this vast Short Sales market into two Categories: County and City. You can search by County when you want to be able to see very quickly what “Short Sales” are available within a given price range located within Arlington County or Fairfax County or Loudoun County or Prince William County. This is comprehensive and can be overwhelming. We have done this with our clients for over 35 years and we can help you zero in on the best property for you quickly. This is a very powerful tool to help you see the Short Sales market not only from an availability perspective but equally important from a future Seller’s perspective which you become after settlement.
Searching for prospective Short Sales by City is also comprehensive and after searching by County will help you develop a greater grasp of the Short Sales market. Beginning with a comprehensive perspective narrowed with our help to a precise detailed understanding of the Short Sales market is what Banks, REO Brokers, Appraisers, commercial land and building developers use to determine the viability of their individual interests and project(s). Failing to know this is why many make purchases they later regret. We do this for a living and want to help you thoroughly understand all of your purchasing and selling options. Our experience as a CDPE and SFR and CRS and CIAS aid astute Purchasers and Investors that request we perform a detailed analysis before they make an offer to buy. They do so because they know their newly acquired Short Sales will compete with purchasers and or Lessors of existing homes. We want to help you and share with you what we know about this interesting Short Sales market that will benefit you tremendously when you decide to buy or sell Northern Virginia real estate.
We also offer you instant access to searching for Trustee Sale Foreclosures in a separate section of our website located on the Front Page under the Tab entitled “High Return Investments”.

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